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13 Warning Signs of Mental Illness In Children All Parents Must Be Aware Of

Most parents have an instanteous desire to protect their children. Visible wounds are relatively easy to recognize. However, it's different when a child begins having problem at school or with friends, or if he or she becomes uncorporative and has inexplicable outbursts.


Nearly one in five children is affected with an emotional or behavioral disorder. You may recognize that something is not right, but what it is or what to do remains a mystery.

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World Forum On Early Care and Education

Join 800 early childhood professionals from over 80 nations for a life changing experience at the 2017 World Forum in Auckland, New Zealand.  The theme of the event is Sustainability – sustaining childhoods, families, organizations, the planet, each other and ourselves!

By attending you will benefit from...

  1. Networking on critical issues with peers from around the world with different backgrounds and perspectives;
  2. Being stimulated by four thought provoking plenaries and over 70 choices of practical and inspirational workshops;
  3. Touring early childhood centers in Auckland;
  4. Developing and celebrating new friendships at the popular International Dance, in no-host lunches, in the 45-minute breaks, and in the spectacular opening reception and closing luncheon.
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